We’re connecting trend-setting entrepreneurs, game-changing technologists and visionary business leaders from across the supply chain to work together to amplify the positive changes happening in food. 

What is Esca Bona?

Quite Literally: It’s Latin for "Good Food"

At Esca Bona we want to change the food system. And we're doing it by creating space for passionate people to collaborate on action-oriented solutions. With a service project, partnerships with industry leaders like B Lab, and a focus on The Fix (an opportunity for brands to 'pitch' their problems and get feedback from industry veterans), we want results. Esca Bona is an intimate opportunity for everyone to participate, ask questions, and bring their solutions to create a more regenerative, transparent, just, nutritious and delicious food system. 

We have some tough topics to discuss.

Let's talk about ingredient sourcing, transparency, and getting women and people of color in leadership positions. Big Food and newcomers alike need to have a seat at the table to discuss how we're going to fix food. 


Did You Know?

According to the USDA, 9.5 million U.S. households had low food security in 2015

According to Austin Independent School District, 61% of Austin, TX students qualify for free or reduced priced meals

According to Foodday.org, 23.5 million Americans do not have access to a supermarket within one mile of their home.

A 2016 UN estimate shows the demand for food will rise by 100% by 2050 and that food production in developing countries will need to double.

Let's solve these problems! Let's have an event that is based on service, builds in networking and uses collaboration to create solutions.

Welcome to Esca Bona. We’ve got a seat for you at our table.