2019 Sponsorship Opportunities

Join our mission of collaboration

Esca Bona is excited to launch a new platform in 2019 with a group of partners dedicated to solving the problems in our food system. We’ll still be focused on tackling issues such as reducing food waste, sourcing sustainable ingredients, increasing animal welfare and eliminating food deserts. But now we’ll break bread 6 times in 1 year. 

Sponsors will continue to reach brands and business services attending each of these Partner events with: 

Brand Awareness - Logo inclusion online and onsite at the 7 Esca Bona Partner Events
Engagement - Opportunity to attend the Esca Bona partner events and engage with this new and expanding audience via education, networking, and more!
Activation – Tailored incorporation into the Esca Bona elements of each event

For information on sponsorship opportunities with Esca Bona please get in touch:

Tara Burkley

(303) 998-9319


conscious consumption

Michelle Garske 

(303) 998-9040