What is Esca Bona?

Quite Literally: It’s Latin for 'Good Food'

'Esca Bona is a great place to get inspired, connect with industry leaders, and help grow the Good Food Movement. Its programming is world class and interspersed with a whole lot of fun!'

- Jim Slama, CEO, FamilyFarmed


'Esca Bona has provided our company with the opportunity to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs in the industry who are committed to transforming the food supply for the greater good. It has motivated our team to step up our game and actively be a part of this movement.'

- Jonathon Larson, Oriya Organic


'Esca Bona is a very intimate & unique opportunity to learn from and network with other mission driven entrepreneurs at the cutting edge of the food movement who are committed to driving positive social change. The topics explored and relationships made will inform and broaden your thinking and should help you drive impact, authenticity, and success in your own enterprise. I’ve been looking forward to it all year.'

- John Foraker, Once Upon a Farm


'As a founder of a company that exists to better align the food we eat with the planet we love, Esca Bona was an incredibly powerful experience. At this unparalleled meeting of minds, a diverse mix of stakeholders rallied behind the common cause of fixing what is broken in our food system and working towards a future where there is enough for all, forever.'

- Dan Kurzrock, Regrained

We’re Passionate About:

What has been food’s evolutionary path and what ability does tech have to reduce food waste in our communities?

What impact does livestock have on our land, soil and the water we drink? What can be done to reduce the impact of traditional livestock farming?

What ways can industry players, governments, farmers and consumers do to reduce global warming?

How do we increase support of local farmers, learn from them and share their story?

How do food labels effect perception of products? How does the word “natural” pair into food transparency? What areas of improvement exist for labeling?

What type of financing has the most impact on growing “good”? What new ways can we empower financial institutions to drive change within the food space?

How can we continue to use tech to change the agriculture industry? What does the future of “plant vs. meat” look like?

See what Esca Bona was like last year: