What is Esca Bona?

Quite Literally: It’s Latin for 'Good Food'

'Esca Bona is a great place to get inspired, connect with industry leaders, and help grow the Good
Food Movement. Its programming is world class and interspersed with a whole lot of fun!'

- Jim Slama, CEO, FamilyFarmed

So What Happens at Esca Bona?

Each Esca Bona event consists of a few key components:

  1. Service | Food makes change because it is such an integral part to daily life. At each Esca Bona event we partner with a local organization, school or community to help address key challenges of the local food ecosystem.
  2. Hands-on Learning | Interactivity and thought-provoking conversation moves needles. At Esca Bona you’re a participant, not an attendee.
  3. Networking | Because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Meet the best and brightest minds from across the supply chain looking to make a difference in our food system, distribution and policies.


A key differentiation of Esca Bona vs. other events is scale. We’re small and we’re proud of it. Each event is capped at just 300 of the best participants looking to stir up the current status-quo of food. Scale builds trust, scale breeds creativity and scale forms strong brands with leaders across the industry. We’ve got a spot for you.

We’re Passionate About:

What has been food’s evolutionary path and what ability does tech have to reduce food waste in our communities?

What impact does livestock have on our land, soil and the water we drink? What can be done to reduce the impact of traditional livestock farming?

What ways can industry players, governments, farmers and consumers do to reduce global warming?

How do we increase support of local farmers, learn from them and share their story?

How do food labels effect perception of products? How does the word “natural” pair into food transparency? What areas of improvement exist for labeling?

What type of financing has the most impact on growing “good”? What new ways can we empower financial institutions to drive change within the food space?

How can we continue to use tech to change the agriculture industry? What does the future of “plant vs. meat” look like?