2019 Schedule

Natural Products Expo West

Be part of the Esca Bona community at Expo West alongside program partners Slow Money of Northern California, At the Epicenter, FamilyFarmed and Grow North to work together to accelerate the good food movement in a collaborative workshop environment.

Food Funded

At FOOD FUNDED, 400 food entrepreneurs and investors convene for a day of educational workshops and live investment presentations to catalyze the funding flow for food ventures. This event is dedicated to promoting food entrepreneurship and investment opportunities in the growing and changing food systems on the West Coast, aiming for impact in the environment and social justice.

Natural Products Expo East

We'll be back in Baltimore at Expo East with another great activation showing why Esca Bona gets more people excited to work together than anywhere else. Stay tuned for more details!

Food | Ag | Ideas Week

The Food | Ag | Ideas Week is 5 days of panels and speaker discussions, structured networking, roundtable lunch networking discussions, and signature events highlighting emerging and leading topics across sustainable agriculture, food innovation and tech, and food and society.  

Regenerative Earth Summit

Participate in The Regenerative Earth Summit in Boulder, Colorado, for two days of working across sectors building strategies for practical, regenerative agriculture methods in our food system.

Good Food Innovation and Finance Conference

The premier event in the Midwest for thought leaders, innovators, stakeholders and entrepreneurs to learn, connect, cultivate ideas and drive innovation in Chicago’s booming Good Food landscape.

Our 2019 Partners:


Northern California Slow Money

Slow Money provides a meaningful alternative to our current financial system that has run amok – trillions of dollars a day flowing through capital markets in securities that no one fully understands, contributing to systemic problems of our time. Slow Money wants to invest in building an economy based on principles of soil fertility, sense of place, care of the commons, and economic, cultural and biological diversity.

Grow North

Grow North's mission is to create an interconnected, sophisticated, supportive ecosystem for Minnesota's food and agricultural entrepreneurs and innovators that will enable them to grow and scale their businesses faster and more successfully and make Minnesota a known leader in entrepreneurship and innovation in food and agriculture. 

At the Epicenter

At The Epicenter is committed to support the momentum of business to collaborate across sectors in order to address pressing challenges facing humanity. By convening influencers, innovators and producers from agriculture, fashion, beauty, investment and the civic and NGO community, we set up the conditions for transformational exchange of ideas and practices. Through thought provoking content and interactive design, our efforts elevate opportunities for collaboration and transparency in service to accelerating the adoption of principles that can lead to more informed and holistic problem solving to address planetary regeneration through stakeholder-centric business action.


FamilyFarmed has been a leader, for more than two decades, in the effort to build a better food system, one that urges everyone to eat food produced as locally as possible using sustainable, humane and fair practices. Our enduring goals are a healthier, more environmentally sustainable and more economically dynamic food system. Our vision is Good Food On Every Table, with delicious, healthy, local and sustainable food available to all regardless of demographics, geography and economic circumstances.


Join Us

If you haven't already, we hope this allows you to join the conversation

Fix food with us. At any of our upcoming events in 2019 we'll continue the mission we started in Austin in 2015.