On November 6, 2019 in Chicago, familyfarmed is hosting their 11th annual Good Food Financing & Innovation Conference. 

This conference is the Midwest’s premier event for thought leaders, innovators, stakeholders and entrepreneurs to learn, connect, cultivate ideas and drive innovation in Chicago’s booming Good Food landscape.


Kicking it off on November 5, Esca Bona is sponsoring a service project at the Greater Chicago Food Depository. Volunteer with us for a repacking event with other Good Food Financing & Innovation Conference attendees, and conference supporters such as KeHE, The Soulfull Project and B-Local Illinois! 


Event Details:
Tuesday, November 5

Time: 1:00 - 3:45pm

Location: Greater Chicago Food Depository, 4100 West Ann Lurie Place, Chicago, IL 60632

Description of Duties:  
The Greater Chicago Food Depository regularly needs volunteers to help repacking donated food and other products. The Repack session is a great introduction to the Greater Chicago Food Depository, the work we do, and the need that we see in Cook County. A lot of the food we receive at our warehouse comes in bulk quantities, and volunteers are scheduled to help us break it down into more manageable sizes. In a Repack session you may sort produce, inspect and box shipments of bread, or repack bulk dry goods (pasta, rice, beans) into smaller quantities. Together, we can properly and efficiently distribute quality food to participating food pantries, soup kitchens and shelters in Cook County. 

An ethos we can get behind:


Esca Bona is pleased to partner with a group dedicated to expanding the markets for Good Food: 

familyfarmed has been a leader, for more than two decades, in the effort to build a better food system, one that urges everyone to eat food produced as locally as possible using sustainable, humane and fair practices.

Our enduring goals are a healthier, more environmentally sustainable and more economically dynamic food system. Our vision is Good Food On Every Table, with delicious, healthy, local and sustainable food available to all regardless of demographics, geography and economic circumstances.

"The Esca Bona platform established by Informa and New Hope Network is at the cutting edge of thought leadership for the national Good Food community. We are so pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with Esca Bona on the Good Food Insights editorial series, our Good Food EXPO and our Good Food Financing & Innovation Conference."

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