Grow North

On October 10-15, 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Grow North will host their second Food | Ag | Ideas Week.

Last years' event was attended by well over 1000 participants and designed to make connections: over 100 entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 business leaders, growers, innovators, investors, nonprofit and for-profit thought-leaders from across food and agriculture were featured to discuss leading topics across sustainable agriculture, food innovation and tech, and food and society.

Esca Bona will be hosting various conference programming throughout the event. Stay tuned for more details!

An ethos we can get behind:


Esca Bona is pleased to partner with a group dedicated to the farmers of the future: 

Grow North's goal is to create an interconnected, sophisticated, supportive ecosystem for Minnesota's food and agricultural entrepreneurs and innovators that will enable them to grow and scale their businesses faster and more successfully and make Minnesota a globally known leader in entrepreneurship and innovation in food and agriculture. 

"I left feeling energized, encouraged and hopeful for the future. We really appreciate what you and Grow North are doing and we are excited to engage."

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