The second annual Food | Ag | Ideas Week is returning Oct 10-15, 2019 to Minneapolis and St. Paul. This six-day series of speakers, events, tours, and demo events led by Grow North and its partners is designed to drive connectivity across the sector and invite leaders to join Minnesota's entrepreneur and innovation ecosystem.

The Week brings together entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 business leaders, growers, innovators, investors, nonprofit and for-profit thought leaders, to share diverse perspectives and ideas across sustainable agriculture, food innovation and tech, and food and society.

Esca Bona will be hosting a keynote during the event. Stay tuned for more details!

An ethos we can get behind:


Esca Bona is pleased to partner with Grow North: 

Grow North is an initiative of the Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota working to create an interconnected, sophisticated, invested and equitable ecosystem for Minnesota's entrepreneurs and innovators in food and agriculture.

We believe the opportunities and challenges of our food system require all types of problem solvers. That's why we bring together diverse perspectives and make our programming accessible during Food I Ag I Ideas Week.

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