At the Epicenter

On October 28-30, 2019 At the Epicenter will host the Regenerative Earth Summit in Denver, Colorado.

Focusing on the impacts of the food, fashion and beauty industries on water use, conservation and pollution, the third annual Regenerative Earth Summit will showcase solutions in motion via our Regenerative Slams™ and provide interaction for further acceleration of adopting new approaches that reduce negative impacts to water health and abundance.

An ethos we can get behind:


Esca Bona is pleased to partner with a group enabling businesses to fix issues with collaboration: 

At The Epicenter is committed to supporting the momentum of businesses collaborating across sectors in order to address pressing challenges facing humanity. By convening influencers, innovators and producers from agriculture, fashion, beauty, investment and the civic and NGO community, we set up the conditions for transformational exchange of ideas and practices.

"Through thought provoking content and interactive design, our efforts elevate opportunities for collaboration and transparency in service to accelerating the adoption of principles that can lead to more informed and holistic problem solving to address planetary regeneration through stakeholder-centric business action."

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