Calling all regenerative agriculturalists, local farmers, food funders, climate watchers, scientists, marketing gurus, conscious capitalists and dreamers. We've got a place for you at our table...

Welcome to
Esca Bona

Food is not going to fix itself.
Let's rewrite the next decade together.

Consumers are waking up to what's in their food and where and how it was made. Innovations throughout the supply chain are disrupting even the most modern of food inventions and enabling companies to unravel much of what has been done to food over the last 75 years. Transparency, big data, the rise of social entrepreneurship and a new social awareness of health are creating a new landscape for suppliers, manufacturers, brands, retailers and investors.

These Companies Support The Esca Bona Mission Year-Round

The Esca Bona Platform Program highlights the brands making a difference in our food system through event-exclusive and digital opportunities.

We asked—what makes you tick? What defines your mission within the “good food” space? Oh…and we said you only have 3 words to explain it. There’s obviously more to the story than 3, but good food doesn’t have to be complicated, right?

F**d Shouldn't
be a Dirty Word™

Convene. Collaborate. Disrupt.

For three days, we will connect trend-setting entrepreneurs, game-changing technologists and visionary business leaders from across the food supply chain to work together to magnify the positive innovations happening in food. Credible, influential voices from across disciplines and sectors touching the food supply chain will be included to focus, align and inspire leadership. Participants will convene inspired by the people they will meet, learn from, work with and mentor during their time in Austin—and they will leave supported by the new relationships, friendships and partners they will need to fast track their ideas, missions and businesses.

It's time that our food system woke up.

Let's make the change together.

Esca Bona...
It's Latin for good food.


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