We're Rewriting the Next Decade for Food

There’s an old story still being told in food. A story layered with faux science and outdated business practices. One that puts profits ahead of people, innovation at the expense of quality, and fear before safety. It’s a story that’s contributed to food deserts in the heartland, an allergy epidemic among children, billions of tons of waste, the least healthy population in human history, and a climate challenge that threatens life on this planet.

A growing number of people, though, refuse to accept this single story and are working to write another for the next decade in food. They are focused on innovating to improve lives. They are re-building food-accessible communities, developing truly smart technologies and seeking out people-centric products and processes. They are daring powerful institutions—both externally and from within—to fix a system that’s let us down and could gravely impact life for future generations. Most importantly, they are recognizing that to ascend from a good brand to a great brand requires exceptional leadership—leadership that embraces the responsibilities of global citizenship and inspires others to unite with them to make the seemingly impossible possible.

Welcome to the new story. Welcome to Esca Bona.

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