No matter your demographics, your job or your political affiliations, you likely hold this belief: that no person should go hungry and all people deserve access to healthy, real food. And yet today, more than 50 million Americans don’t have enough to eat, as the divide separating the healthy food “haves” and “have nots” widens.

Solving this complex problem, while creating new opportunities for brands, retailers, communities and individuals alike, is the focus of this year’s Esca Bona gathering.

In the intimate and interactive setting for which Esca Bona is known, we will unpack the food access crisis and identify the real barriers to and the many opportunities that are born out of achieving greater food equality. We’re stepping out of the way to let the story be told by the finest brands, change makers, future foodies, families and farmers that we can find.

2017 Event Focus Topics


How farming and the supply chain is changing to bring healthy and affordable food to the masses and the many opportunities that are being built out of these changes

child in field

The lives behind the food access problem and why these people and families should be our focus as businesses and a food industry


Why it will take “big” and “small” working together in new ways to bring more equality and sovereignty to our food system and how this is a good thing for everyone


The role of technology, innovation and influencers in igniting the consumer activation needed to fuel meaningful change

Fundamental Topics Esca Bona Addresses

What has been food's evolutionary path and what ability does tech have to reduce food waste in our communities?

What impact does livestock have on our land, soil and the water we drink? What can be done to reduce the impact of traditional livestock farming?

What ways can industry players, governments, farmers and consumers do to reduce global warming?

How do we increase support of local farmers, learn from them and share their story?

How do food labels effect perception of products? How does the word "natural" pair into food transparency? "What areas of improvement exist for labeling?"

What type of financing has the most impact on growing "good"? What new ways can we empower financial institutions to drive change within the food space?

How can we continue to use tech to change the agriculture industry? What does the future of "plant vs. meat" look like?